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About Victaulic

Since 1919, Victaulic’s pipe joining and flow control solutions have optimized construction productivity and reduced risk, ensuring projects are completed safely, on time and within budget. Driven by a spirit of continuous innovation, Victaulic’s portfolio of 100,000+ products and patented technologies promote freedom of design, as well as simplified inspection and maintenance for the life of any system.


Optimize your pump room

The Victaulic Style 731-D Suction Diffuser enables pipework to be connected closer to the pump at a 90-degree angle. By eliminating long pipe runs, elbows and reducers, it makes for a smaller mechanical room footprint and optimum pump performance, while protecting it against cavitation.


How it works

The groove is cold formed into the pipe end using a grooving tool. The coupling housings, fully surrounding a gasket, are assembled around two grooved pipe ends, and the key sections of the housings engage into the grooves. The bolts and nuts are tightened with a socket or impact wrench.


Discover Installation-ReadyTM Butterfly Valves

Reap the benefits of a grooved valve combined with the ease and speed of an Installation-Ready coupling. By encasing the capability of a rubber-lined butterfly valve within a coupling, these valves reduce the overall footprint, considerably speed up installation, and reduce weight by almost 50% compared to flanged valves.


As an industry leader in Virtual Design, BIM and software solutions, Victaulic offers project coordination and management, along with drawing services and training for commercial, industrial and pipeline construction professionals.



Commercial Building

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Virtual Design
& Construction

Victaulic Corporate Video - Manufacturer of Mechanical Pipe Joining & Fire Protection Products

Victaulic Corporate Video - Manufacturer of Mechanical Pipe Joining & Fire Protection Products


Installation-ReadyTM Technology

Victaulic Installation-Ready Couplings do not require disassembly prior to installation, eliminating loose parts. The coupling is pushed onto a grooved pipe-end as a fully assembled unit, connected to a second grooved pipe-end, and tightened using standard hand tools or an impact wrench.


Simplified Maintenance

Replacing equipment is as easy as loosening two bolts and nuts, allowing easy system access as well as flexibility for future system expansion. The gasket seals are durable enough to handle significant compressive and cyclical loading, resulting in a system that can be pressurized and depressurized repeatedly without fatiguing the rubber.


Global Player

With more than 3,500 employees and 40 international facilities, Victaulic helps customers in over 120 countries succeed in the global construction industry. From the tallest buildings to the deepest mines, customers trust our products to increase overall system durability in the most demanding construction projects and operating conditions.

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