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About TATA Steel

Tata Steel is the UK's largest manufacturer of premium carbon steel tubes.  Our hot-formed products provide uniform stress-free tubes, consistent mechanical properties, improved service life, enhanced ductility and can be more readily manipulated without the risk of failure, compared to comparable commodity cold-formed alternatives.
Our INSTALL PLUS 235 and INLINE 265 hot-formed tubes are suitable for elevated temperature use and can satisfy a wide range of building and industrial services requirements.  They are also an ideal cost-effective substitute for comparable seamless products.


Install Plus 235

Sizes <150nb (6”) OD165.1mm

Part 2 Hot-formed (BS EN10255 / 10217-2) carbon steel tubes. Only Part 2 Hot is suitable for elevated temperature use. CE marked for fuel, air, gas and water. Available red painted or galvanised, with screwed and socketed, grooved or plain ends. ‘Fit-and-forget’ solution for pipework applications.

ashworth-2-tata-INLINE 265.jpg

Inline 265
Sizes <500nb (20”) OD508.0mm

Heavy duty, large diameter Part 2 Hot-formed (API 5LB/BS EN10217-2) carbon steel tubes.  Higher 265 steel grade for more demanding applications. Fully traceable and fully weldable steel.  Available with plain or bevelled ends, self-coloured or varnished. Suitable for specialist building and industrial applications up to 400 degC.


Technical Support
Specifications and product application assistance

It is vital that quality pipework is used within projects to reduce the risk of failure or compliance issues. Out of date, legacy specifications can leave you exposed. Our Standards Review Service can help ensure your specifications are correct, for details please contact our Technical helpline: +44 (0) 1536 404561.

Tata Steel provides UK manufactured, Part 2 hot-formed, welded, traditional walled, carbon steel tubes, that are technically superior to commodity cold-formed alternatives, which can suffer from technical and compliance issues.



Install Plus

and Inline

Product mini-guide .PDF

Install Plus


Technical submission .PDF

Inline 265

Technical submission .PDF



CPD Training
The importance of specifying the right pipework
Tata Steel in Europe

The importance of specifying the right pipework


Hot vs Cold

Not all Tubes are the same

Hot-formed products are technically superior to cold-formed alternatives, which can suffer from a range of issues that impact installation and service life performance.  Our UK technical team provide free training and specification reviews to ensure such differences are understood and project risks are reduced. Visit for details.



Reliability and durability

By using our superior hot-formed carbon steel tubes, you can be assured of an unrivalled level of reliability and durability in use, as well as compliance with all the latest relevant legislative and specification requirements. Carbon steel does not need special storage or handling practices compared to stainless steel alternatives.


Welded vs seamless

Giving you more

Our Hot-formed Part 2 welded carbon steel tubes are an ideal cost-effective substitute for comparable seamless products, delivering a range of technical advantages including improved ovality, wall thickness consistency and end matching.  Seamless tubes are typically imported, whereas our welded tubes are made in the UK with UK made steel.

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