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About Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain PAM UK specialises in the manufacture of cast iron drainage systems to suit most above and below ground gravity applications for commercial, residential and public buildings.
Modern cast iron solutions to BS EN 877 for vertical risers in soil waste and vent and internal rainwater systems, suspended drainage and buried applications. The traditional timesaver systems to BS 416  part 2 for refurbishment and external soil stacks and for buried below ground to BS 437.  

The Classical range of cast iron rainwater and gutter systems for traditional homes and listed properties to BS460, and the VortX range of roof, floor and shower drainage products to BS EN 1253.



Pre-assembly service

PAM has now launched a new pre-assembly service for the 100mm diameter Ensign cast iron above ground drainage system. The service involves collaboration at early design stage, design and approval of stacks, assembly and testing of stacks at the Telford site, logistics, and site support throughout the project.


Rodding branches

The new 100mm diameter rodding branches in 90° and 45° are unique to the Ensign range, offering the installer significant labour time savings of up to 60%. The rodding branch combines up to 8 components into one, saving time on cutting a short piece of pipe and assembling three mechanical joints.


Labour times for stainless
steel coupling

Luckins, the UK’s leading specialist in pricing and estimating services for contractors has revised the labour time on the stainless steel rapid s couplings used with Ensign. Luckins has recognised the speed and simplicity of the one bolt coupling which is almost 3 times faster than a HDPE fusion joint.


PAM has invested in the latest product development technology including 3D rapid proto-typing and CNC machine that can turn new idea concepts into products in the matter of days.


Soil & Drain Pocket Guide

Ensign & Timesaver Price List

Ensign & Timesaver Product Brochure

New Ensign Rodding Branch time trial | Saint-Gobain PAM
PamlineTV | Saint-Gobain PAM

New Ensign Rodding Branch time trial | Saint-Gobain PAM



Ensign contains a unique range of multi-waste manifolds. On top of the short versions in 100 and 150mm, the latest fittings offer up to 6 x 2” bsp inlets to suit back to back apartments and a new corner manifold. Both new fittings have extended spigots to penetrate the floor slab.



PAM provides two levels of BIM library to ease the burden on developers, specifiers and contractors in the early stages of construction. The “Generic cast iron” libraries consists of ‘data-light’ parametric 3D models all under 500kb which can be converted into the revit full data content models.


Ensign overview

The Ensign drainage system is the market leader in cast iron above and below ground gravity drainage solutions. Kitemark approved to BS EN 877 the range consists of pipes, fittings and couplings from 50mm to 600mm in diameter. Ensign offers the widest range of waste connection fittings and swept radius branches.

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