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About Polypipe Building Services

At Polypipe Building Services we harness ingenuity and creativity to deliver class-leading solutions and product sustainability, with optimised whole-life costs, unrivalled technical support, and on-the-ground assistance for the commercial building sector.
Understanding the challenges today’s projects face we have gained a deeper knowledge and remain the number one choice for engineered products and systems within commercial building services. Whether that’s Terrain drainage systems, our award winning Mecflow water supply systems or our other products and services.


Terrain FUZE

Terrain FUZE is a top-to-bottom solution for all above ground drainage and many chemical waste applications. Utilising the intrinsic properties of high-density polyethylene, Terrain FUZE offers greater benefits above and beyond more traditional materials and performs significantly better when tested for impact and abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures. The lightweight nature of Terrain FUZE allows the product to be installed quickly and efficiently, giving direct, resource-saving benefits to specifiers and installers.


Terrain PVC

Terrain Soil and Waste products represent the industry benchmark for quality, installation flexibility and product innovation backed by the highest levels of customer service. Terrain drainage systems include an extensive range of soil and waste drainage products for high rise residential, hotels, hospitals, schools and public sector developments.


Terrain Q

Designed to meet your project’s specific needs, the Terrain Q system from Polypipe Building Services, sets new standards for sound dampening to help minimise disruption when the system is in use. Its multi-layered noise reducing system also provides increased fire retardancy, with a Fire Classification rating of B-s1, d0, crucial for today’s large, multi-occupancy developments, education establishments and healthcare buildings.


Focused on helping our customers create safe and sustainable services in commercial buildings, we always look to advance our products and services so that they optimise on-site productivity, promote consistent quality and reduce time, cost and waste in installation.



Polypipe Building Services

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Polypipe Advantage

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Polypipe Advantage

Polypipe Advantage


Terrain P.A.P.A. ® & Pleura

The Terrain P.A.P.A.® is a positive pressure reduction device that works with the Pleura Vent System which is an air pressure regulator acting as an air admittance valve - both designed to mitigate the effects of positive and negative air fluctuations in single stack drainage systems. This allows fresh air into the branch pipework or to the top of a waste or soil stack and ultimately eliminates the need for a traditional piped secondary vent system.



MecFlow is an award winning simple, reliable, sustainable alternative to traditional water supply systems. Formulated to be entirely recyclable while retaining a fire classification of rating of B-s1, d0*, antimicrobial protection and no-clamps-required CLICKWELD technology.

This unique system has an engineered method of installation, meaning cost savings and install time cut by up to 75%, thanks to Advantage – our off-site fabrication process.


Terrain Drainage Stacks

For a quicker, more cost-effective installation, the Polypipe Advantage Service will design and manufacture drainage stacks featuring Terrain drainage systems to exacting project specifications, before delivering them directly to site – complete and with minimal on-site assembly required.

Terrain drainage stacks are available in Terrain PVC Soil and Waste, Terrain FUZE and Terrain dB12 drainage systems.  We can also incorporate the Terrain P.A.P.A and Pleura Vent System into the drainage stacks as well.

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