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About Geberit

At Geberit, we use our passion for design and technology to deliver contemporary, high quality solutions that transform efficiency, increase safety and enhance living and working environments. As a European market leader in sanitary and plumbing technology we apply our vast KnowHow and over 150 years of experience to everything we do.


Geberit Mapress

Whether its drinking water, heating or gas, installers should consider much faster and safer alternatives to using conventional screwed and soldered pipework connection methods.

Geberit Mapress is a high-quality, reliable and specialist press-fit supply pipework system that requires no hot works and is installed in six simple steps. Installers are simply required to cut and deburr the pipe, mark the insertion depth, prepare the fitting, insert the pipe into the fitting then press and remove the pressing indicator.


Geberit Mapress

Many installers still use solder and screwed pipe – ‘because they always have’. However, the requirement for hot works is often inconvenient and at times impossible. Site conditions or safety

regulations can mean that hot works are unsuitable for the job. Press-fitting can deliver a host of installation benefits, with no hot works and no cooling

down period.

Geberit Mapress offers a much faster and safer alternative to conventional pipework connection methods. It’s not just about safety. Another important consideration for installers is that of increasing health and safety legislation; hot works require propane and, therefore, a hot relevant permit.


Geberit Mapress

Geberit Mapress is available in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and CuNiFe (12 to 108mm), offering a variety of uses across a scope of different applications. Seal rings come in various colours and materials according to each application to ensure easy identification.

Pressing is made easy with a six-step process: cut and deburr pipe, mark the insertion depth, prepare the fitting, insert the pipe into the fitting, press with a specialist pressing tool and remove the pressing indicator. It couldn’t be

simpler to achieve a safe, reliable connection for everything from sprinkler systems and gas applications, to potable water, refrigeration and compressed air.


The Geberit HDPE drainage system is lightweight and incredibly tough. The robust pipes are available in all common sizes, from 32mm to 315mm, and the range of fittings is comprehensive.




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Geberit Mapress Connects - 1 Billion Mapress Fittings

Geberit Mapress Connects - 1 Billion Mapress Fittings


Geberit HDPE

Geberit HDPE is a state-of-the-art drainage system made of high-density polyethylene that provides a real alternative to more traditional material installations. The properties of HDPE mean that pipes and fittings are resistant to fracturing, abrasion, impact and extreme temperatures. Combined with the flexibility of several jointing methods and the option of off-site pre-fabrication, Geberit HDPE can

also offer substantial material and labour savings.


Geberit HDPE

The Geberit HDPE drainage system is extremely lightweight yet incredibly tough, and the connection technologies ensure permanent tightness and a high tensile strength. The system includes

thoroughly tested components for effective fire protection and sound insulation as well as practical tools for the building site and workshop.


Geberit Silent-db20

Geberit Silent-db20 is highly sound-optimised and satisfies numerous requirements with mineral reinforced polyethylene for a denser material, and fittings to reduce noise at impact zones.

Whether stack or floor connection – the sound-insulating drainage system is the ideal solution for projects with high sound insulation requirements. Silent-db20 is also suitable for embedding in concrete.

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