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About Aquatherm

Aquatherm is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems made of polypropylene for plant engineering and building services. The areas of application include drinking water, heating system construction, fire protection sprinkler systems, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology as well as surface heating and cooling systems. Our range includes more than 17,000 items in six product lines. Production takes place exclusively within German locations ensuring customers all over the world can rely on innovative and safe PP-R piping systems of the highest quality which are “100% Made in Germany”.

Aquatherm pipes and fittings are connected via heat fusion ensuring no glues, solvents or adhesives are required. Once connected, the plastic melts into one cohesive unit ensuring double material thickness at the critical points of the pipeline system. Material union by thermal fusion creates a permanently tight connection.


Aquatherm’s pipes are made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene and possess excellent ecological properties, especially within drinking water applications, as it’s completely free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.  Aquatherm’s multilayer faser composite pipes ensure high stability, reduced linear expansion, increased flow rates, and optimal price/performance comparison.


Aquatherm’s pipes & fittings are 100% recyclable and contain no volatile organic compounds or noxious greenhouse gases. Aquatherm have a low carbon production process which focuses on conserving resources, minimising the use of energy, and avoiding waste. Aquatherm has an extended service life and our 10-year warranty provides peace of mind.


Aquatherm’s TI (Thermally Insulated) range offers the most energy-efficient method of transporting warm potable water, as well as heating and cooling water, over longer distances when buried underground.


Aquatherm Product Catalogues

Aquatherm Overview 2020

Aquatherm Overview 2020


Aquatherm blue pipe is ideal for the transport of cooling and heating media and well suited for a wide variety of industrial applications. The physical properties of the plastic, such as its high temperature capacity and pressure resistance, are tailored to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector.


Available in sizes 20mm – 630mm, Aquatherm blue pipe has high temperature resistance, high pressure capacity, is made of corrosion resistant polypropylene, is lighter in weight than metallic equivalents, and is joined via reliable heat fusion producing a virtually leak free and cohesive unit with excellent safety and durability.


Aquatherm TI is a pre-insulated piping system ideally suited to transport warm potable water, heating, or cooling water over longer distances. The medium pipe (aquatherm green pipe for potable applications or aquatherm blue pipe for heating and cooling) is insulated with rigid polyurethane foam and enclosed in a jacket pipe made of polyethylene.

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