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About ADEY

ADEY manufacture and supply a range of market leading solutions for heating and chilled water system protection and water treatment.

ADEY is an award-winning manufacturer and pioneer of MagnaClean® magnetic filtration technology. Following sustained growth, the business has expanded its product portfolio to include the largest range of domestic and commercial filters, premium chemicals and heating and chilled water system solutions available on the market.

ADEY prides itself on continued innovation and designing products which will help contractors and installers do the very best job possible.



Commercial Filters

Magnetite isn’t just a domestic issue. In fact, the bigger the system, the bigger the problem. ADEY’s proven MagnaClean technology effectively tackles black iron oxide sludge and system debris. Our commercial filters are designed to tackle this heavy-duty issue.

Commercial Chemicals

ADEY’s advanced chemical range provides solutions for the maintenance and protection of commercial heating and chilled water systems.  The MC+ range has been specifically designed for use by professional installers as part of the Commercial Best Practice approach to system protection.


Plant Room Accessories

Water management changes with every type of plant room, depending on factors such as size, water type and the demands placed upon your water system. ADEY have the expertise to help you optimise its performance, with solutions including Air & Dirt Separators, Digital Pressurisation Units, and Dosing Pots.


ADEY prides itself on continued innovation and designing products which will help contractors and installers do the very best job possible.


MagnaClean DRX

MagnaClean DRX


MagnaClean Commercial Filter

The more industrial the system is, the bigger the magnetite problem. Tougher defences are called for. MagnaClean Commercial filters are proven to provide the powerful protection required. Available in five different sizes, these can deal with any system’s debris, from light commercial through to real heavy-duty industrial.


MC1+ Protector

High-performance MC1+ Protector prevents both system corrosion and limescale deposition. It maintains boiler and system efficiency and prevents the formation of sludge and scale, contributing to longer system life.  Suitable for use in both commercial heating and closed cooling systems.


Air & Dirt Separator

ADEY’s range of Air & Dirt Separators protect boilers, pumps, and fittings used in sealed heating and cooling water systems, extending the service life of pumps, control equipment, and other system accessories by filtering out micro air bubbles and dirt particles from the system without interrupting a system's operation.

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